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Liebherr Wine Chiller

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Liebherr Wine Chiller Malaysia
Liebherr Wine Chiller incorporates the latest wine chiller technology allowing you the ability to store various wines at optimum serving temperature. The wine chiller's climate technology that is applied to their units means they are able to act as maturing units, allowing you to find the flavor you long for in every wine bottle with the latest wine chiller technology. Liebherr’s wine chillers can be divided into two sub-collections, their freestanding wine chiller cabinet collection designed for long term storage of wine and their kitchen line, which is dedicated to the kitchen industry and offers under-counter wine chillers and integrated wine chillers, manufactured with the latest technology in the wine chiller industry. Liebherr’s wine chiller is designed purely for long-term storage and aging of wines, these wine chillers are constructed from only the highest quality components and are available in a range of wine chiller sizes to suit your wine chiller budget, space availability, and capacity requirements. The larger wine chiller units such as the WKT wine chiller will accommodate Bordeaux bottles and features a solid door which means there is absolutely zero worry about UV light interfering with the development of your wines. While the largest unit will store hundreds of bottles, the WKES wine chillers will store only Bordeaux bottles, which may be of the finest bottles in the world, they need to be kept safe and stored correctly. The Grand cru wine chiller range will allow the interior temperature to be set to low temperature and are available with UV-protected glass doors or solid doors as previously mentioned. The wine chillers are available as single temperature zone wine cabinets as they are designed to store wine primarily. Purchase your Liebherr’s wine chiller Malaysia with the leading chiller supplier in Malaysia today.We are also the leading supplier of wine cold room in Malaysia and ice machine, click to read more!
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