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Commercial Coldroom Malaysia
As the leading chiller supplier in Malaysia, we also supply cold rooms in Malaysia. A walk-in cooler also referred to as a commercial refrigerator or cold room is a large-scale refrigerator that is used for storing refrigerated food in bulk or larger items that require cooling. Cold room shelving is conveniently designed to enable easy access and efficient use of storage space. Depending on the cold room's intended purpose, these wine cold rooms come in a range of different sizes and shapes to suit. In order to maintain the required temperature set by the thermostat, our wine cold rooms and freezer rooms produce cold air in the evaporator (inside). The air in the cold room is circulated through the room with fans. The heat from inside is rejected through the condensing unit (outside). The required temperature for cold ro0m is generally determined by a set point on a thermostat / digital controller. This is supported by robust insulation and airtight door seals, which minimize the impact of outside cold room temperatures and the amount of energy required to keep the product inside cool. First off, it’s useful to remember that only a small percentage of fine wines on the market benefit from long-term aging. Most wines are best enjoyed within a few years of release. If you’re looking to buy wines to mature, you should really consider investing in a professional cold room—a totally different ballgame. Whether you’re in the market for a walk-in cold room or another type of refrigeration system, you can rely on Asian Refrigeration, the #1 Wine Cold Room Supplier in Malaysia to supply you with the best wine cold room to meet your needs.
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