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Call Us Now: +603-7782 0542 / +603-7782 8493

About Us

As an established company since 1968, we at Asian Refrigeration Sales & Service Sdn Bhd is a Malaysia based Commercial Refrigerator Supplier and have continued to provide our utmost effort in servicing and complementing our customers' needs in Commercial Refrigeration Systems over the past four decades.

Asian Refrigeration Sales & Service Sdn Bhd is renowned in the field of Commercial Refrigeration Systems and has an admirable rapport in a number of B2B sectors which include hospitals, restaurants, hotel, petrol stations, cinemas, pharmacies, supermarkets, convenient stores, universities, florists and many more.

As technology and our lifestyles have evolved over the years, demand for industrial refrigeration and Cold Storage System products have increased tremendously. As a result, Asian Refrigeration takes pride in providing many superior Cold Storage Systems products in the local and overseas market. Through synergies between our experienced and dedicated team of sales and after-sales staff, we are the recognized as market leader in the Commercial Refrigeration industry and strive to maintain this position.
In addition to this, we also provide imported goods such as Table Top Chiller from Taiwan, Germany Imported Table Top Chiller, Taiwan Display Chiller, Crescent Ice Machine from Japan, Italy Ice Cube Machine, Japan Flake Ice Machine, Ice Cube Machine as well as Sushi Showcase.

Notwithstanding that good support and service from our staff is crucial, we firmly believe that quality and reliability of our products are also important to our customers. Therefore, our company aspires to continuously improve by achieving outstanding customer satisfaction through working closely with leading international manufacturers to source and develop new and innovative products. Apart from that, we also provide maintenance and repair service for Refrigerators and Cold Rooms.

As the reliable commercial refrigerator supplier and market leader in Malaysia, we utilize environmental friendly refrigerants. As such, our range of products incorporates the world-renowned Tecumseh Europe, Danfoss German and Embraco Spain condensing unit, which emphasize on providing maximum environment protection.
Commercial Refrigerators being sold and serviced by Asian Refrigeration Sales & Service

Commercial Refrigerators being sold and serviced by us:
• Stainless Steel Upright Refrigerator
• Stainless Steel Counter Refrigerator
• Display Chiller - 1-Glass Door & 4 Sided Glass Door
• Taiwan Display Chiller
• Germany Imported Table Top Chiller
• Cake Showcase | Cake Display Chiller
• Imported Glass Door Pharmaceutical Refrigerator
• Imported Glass Door Display Refrigerator
• Stainless Steel Commercial Refrigerator
• Display Chiller - Upright & Counter Top
• Wine Chiller
• Vertical Freezer
• Taiwan Imported Table Top Chiller
• Drinking Water Chiller
• Chest Freezer - Lifting Door, -40⁰C, -60⁰C & Sliding Door
• Insular Freezer
• Ice-Cream Freezer
• Italy Ice Cube Machine
• Japan Ice Cube Machine
• Ice Cube Machine - CM Series & IM Series
• Ice Crescent Machine
• Japan Crescent Ice Machine
• Japan Flake Machine
• Ice Flaker Machine
• Wine Coldroom
• Walk-In Chiller and Freezer Coldroom
• Japan Sushi Showcase
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