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Refrigerator Wire Shelf
Refrigerator Wire Shelf
Refrigerator Wire Shelf


Refrigerator Wire Shelf

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We supply high quality & solid Commercial Refrigerator Wire Shelf to restaurants, grocery stores, and all other commercial kitchens. 

All Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers require a systematic and organized approach to food storage organization. This can smoothen the process of FIFO. Commercial Refrigerator Shelving can space food items appropriately. When storing items in bulk, be sure there is adequate space between food so cold air can circulate. Better cold air circulation means better cooling results, and better food quality. 

Proper organization of Commercial Refrigerator and Freezer can help in maintaining efficiency as well as decrease food waste. Also, it can prevent the compressor to wear out too quickly while overloading your utility bill. 

Choice of Refrigerator Wire Shelf: 
  1. PVC coated wire shelf (white color) - Standard shelving 
  2. Food grade stainless steel SS304 - More durable shelving 

Order lead time: 2-3 weeks

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